Capstone Property Management

Internship Program

Capstone has a strong commitment to providing early career development opportunities through internship, extern, and project-based experiences. Capstone Property Management is a small company, and as a result our interns gain exposure to a diversity of activities and a heightened level responsibility in becoming an integral part of the team.

Our interns have gone on to impressive jobs and positions following graduation, and
often cite Capstone as an important step in their career advancement. Often interns will also continue part‐time during their academic year in addition to full-time summers, and can expect strong placement support following their successful internship.

If interested in an internship with Capstone please submit a cover letter detailing your interests, abilities, and availability along with a resume. Applications are reviewed throughout the year.

Capstone Property Management Ltd.
P.O. Box 186
Athens, OH 45701—0186
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Capstone Interns on the Dixie Chopper (2011)