Our Conference Rooms

The Conference room at SR 550 in Athens, Ohio

Our meeting facilities provide the privacy and professionalism that you demand. Our conference rooms are fully-equipped with the latest technology, including video and teleconferencing technology, Internet access, high-end presentation equipment, and comfortable work spaces.

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Conference Room Amenities

  • Available for one-time use
  • Teleconferencing/speaker phone
  • Videoconferencing
  • WiFi Internet access
  • Wired Ethernet connections
  • Presentation equipment
  • Audio & Video connections
  • Large Conference Table
  • Comfortable Premium Seating
  • High Definition Projector
  • Catering available
  • Access to all business services
All Amenities

Advantages of Video Conferencing


Video Conferencing Increases Productivity
Today, video conferencing systems transcend the simple "talking heads" on a screen. The ability to easily share any type of information has added another dynamic to video communications. The result? Decisions are made faster; bringing products or services to market quicker; and enabling you to stay ahead of your competitors.


Video Conferencing Saves Money
Although productivity increases are the most valuable, an additional effect of using video is that you save substantial money due to reduced travel.


Video Conferencing Saves Time
Video conferencing can be used to achieve reduction of "downtime" and increased "quality of life" for traveling personnel, and shortening hiring cycles for key employees. Video conferencing should also be viewed as a telephone and travel enhancement, a way to strengthen bonds with remote colleagues and customers between personal visits and telephone calls.