Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions in regards to the tenancy and use of our rentals. If the information contained herein does not answer a particular question or you would simply like to discuss this personally, please call our office (740) 592-2177 and we will assist you.

I would like to get a dog/cat. Do you allow them in your rentals?

Simply call our leasing office (740) 592-2177 or email and we will ascertain if you are in a “pet-friendly” rental. At this point, we would also discuss the particular guidelines that are expected of all tenants with animals. With all dogs and cats, we require a double security deposit (security deposit * 2) for your rental. In addition, we require a monthly pet fee in the amount of $25 for a cat and $35 for a small to medium sized dog. It is very important that you notify the management office before you adopt an animal so that all of this has been discussed and your lease properly amended.

I have a maintenance request, how do I go about getting this fixed?

For all maintenance requests, you are welcome to call the leasing office at (740) 592-2177 or use our online Maintenance Request submission form. For all emergency requests, please call (740) 592-2177 and leave a message with the details of your issue and someone will be out to assist you promptly.

Can I paint the inside of my rental a different color?

Any improvements that you wish to make to your rental should only be made after you have secured written permission from the management. We certainly welcome your willingness to want to improve upon your living space, but we also want to make certain that your improvement will not in the end cause us more work to change it back to its original state.

I am having a visitor in from out of town, are they permitted to stay in my rental for a couple of days?

You are certainly welcome to have a weekend visitor; however, if your visitor becomes a permanent occupant of the rental, than you must notify the management so that we may adjust the lease accordingly. Also, if you have a visitor at Capstone Village, you must receive a visitor parking permit, to prevent their car from being towed.

I have to break my lease, what are my responsibilities?

If you have to leave and essentially break your lease, you are still responsible to pay your regularly scheduled rent payments, until we find a replacement for your rental. When you default on your legal commitment to rent with us, you also forfeit your security deposit in its entirety. We do allow you to find a Sublettor and in some cases we will let them replace you on the lease. The soonest you are able to notify us of a potential default on the lease, the sooner we will be able to find a replacement for your rental.