Moving In?

We strive to make the move-in procedure as effortless and hassle free as possible, because we know that you are in the process of a potentially stressful transition. On the date of your move in, all that you need to do is arrive at your new residence to be provided with the keys and to pay your first rental payment (if you haven’t already). You are than free to start unpacking. The following list summarizes the steps from Application to Move-in.

Rental Application

You have expressed interest in renting a specific available rental. At this point, we will provide you with our official Rental Application in person or through the mail OR you may access the online version of this document. You need to fill this form out in its entirety and submit it to us in person, through the mail or through our website. Upon receipt of the rental application, we will thoroughly check through the information that you provided and approve or disapprove the application based on the result of our analysis. Upon Approval, you will be given the opportunity to secure a place on our waiting list that in effect guarantees the rental that you have designated. At this point, we will have come to an agreement of the terms of your tenancy in regards to such items as rental payments, applicable fees, amount of security deposit, desired date of move-in/move-out, etc.

Lease Signing

We have approved your Rental Application and discussed the terms of your future tenancy. The next step is the Lease signing. We will draw up the lease agreement with the terms that we previously discussed and invite you into our office to sign OR we will send your lease as an email attachment. We will ask you to sign and mail back to our office or deliver in person, along with the required amount of security deposit. At this point, the lease will be official and legally binding. It should go without saying, that this is certainly not a step to take if you have any doubts about your interest in renting with us.


After the lease is signed and both the date of move in as well as the actual address of your new residence has been established, you must set up the utilities in your name in advance of your move-in date. Please note: some utilities may vary depending on which rental you choose and we will inform you of your obligations on or before the lease signing.

Move-In Day

You have a signed official lease agreement and you have setup all relevant utilities into your name and you are ready to move-in. On the day of your move-in, we will provide you with your keys and you provide us with your first month’s rent and you are ready to go.

Post Move-In

After you are settled in or while you are in the process of moving in, please feel free to contact the management office (740) 592-2177 or email with your questions, comments, concerns and maintenance requests.