Parking Information

As a resident of a CPM property, you are responsible to know where you should park. This will be discussed when the property manager goes over the lease with you. Parking depends on the property, we offer an array of different options varying from off-street parking, street parking, covered parking, garage parking and lot specified parking. As a resident of Capstone Village you will receive a specific parking lot near your townhouse, for your registered vehicle. Visitors are permitted in Capstone Village, they are to park exclusively in the overflow lots.

Most of CPM properties are located outside of one mile from Ohio University’s campus and thus are eligible for an Ohio University commuter permit for $105/year.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles must be registered with the Capstone Village office. Unregistered or otherwise illegally parked vehicles are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

As a resident of Capstone Village I understand that…
  • Any vehicle that is out of service or unsafe on Capstone Village property will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • All vehicles parked in Capstone Village must have their state vehicle registration current. Vehicles without current registration plates or tags will be towed at the owner’s expense. Any changes in my registration must be immediately reported to the Capstone Village Office.
  • Any vehicle in violation may be towed without warning. Any warnings issued are a courtesy. All records of warnings and towings are kept by license plate number.
  • Capstone Village does not assume any responsibility for any damage to a vehicle or the theft of any vehicle.

Please contact the Capstone Village office at 592-2177 to report any violations or concerns regarding parking guidelines or behavior. Please Note: Parking in all other rentals is generally off-street parking, unless a driveway or garage is present and usable.