Capstone Property Management

Services available for Virtual Office Tenants

Capstone Business & Conference Center Access

Capstone Business & Conference Centers feature premier state of the art meeting facilities for banquets, trainings, symposiums, conventions, break out sessions, or special events, located in the Athens and the Albany area. Each Virtual Office Tenant will be provided with access to conference room facilities as much or as little as is needed. The use of such facilities determines the cost of the service.

A Physical Address with one of our local Business Centers

Virtual clients will be able to take advantage of a business mailing address that can then be provided to your clients. It just looks more professional when there is a physical address associated with your business, as opposed to a P.O. Box. The added benefits with this system is that you can maintain your home address separately from your business and when UPS or FedEx need to deliver a package, this will be handled for you.

Personal and Professional Call Answering

Our state-of-the-art phone technology allows us to customize your call answering to meet your specific needs. Our service includes:a live person answering in your company’s name, call screening, and call patching to the number(s) of your choice. Our service is fully-flexible in accordance with your needs. All instructions are entered into our computerized phone system, which ensures that your instructions will be followed each and every time a call is answered. Our clients may also inform us via email of any alerts or status changes in their telephone answering instructions.

If you are not available to take a call, our receptionists will kindly inform the caller that you are not available, and offer to transfer him or her to your voice mail. You can utilize the voice mailbox that we provide, or you can request that the calls be placed into a different voicemail of your choice (cell phone, home phone, etc.).

Additional Business Services

Virtual Office Tenants consider our Centers as a one-stop-shop of business services and tools to execute your workday successfully, effectively, and efficiently.

For more information

Contact the Capstone Office Solutions hotline at (740) 592-2177 and a knowledgeable Office staff member will assist you. You are also welcome to email