Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions in regards to the application and leasing process of our rentals. If the information contained herein does not answer a particular question or you would simply like to discuss this personally, please call our office (740) 592-2177 and we will assist you.

How would I go about viewing some of your rentals?Simply call our leasing office (740) 592-2177 or email and we will set you up with an appointment to view the rental or rentals that you are interested in. At this point, we would also discuss particular attributes of the rentals in question to determine the best fit for you, rather than having you waste your time making an appointment for a place that was not at all what you had expected.

Where do I find details about the rentals that you have on your website?The quickest way to navigate to specific rentals is by using the Search Available Rentals page. For ease of searching, you may search according to whatever specifications that interest you. For instance, if you have a geographical preference, be sure to select a relevant Property Location, if you only wish to view rentals within a specific rent rate range, enter values in the min/max price fields, etc. Once you have located a rental that you are interested in, simply click through to see Details, Photos and Floor plans for each rental unit and be sure to check the right hand sidebar for similar properties that you may be interested in according to the preferences that you selected.

How do I apply to rent one of your rentals?The first step is to fill out a Rental Application. You are welcome to use our Online Rental Application, download a Rental Application .pdf or you may call our office (740) 592-2177 to set up an appointment to come in and fill one out. Provided that everything checks out on your application, you will be approved and you will be invited to lease a rental property that suits you.

When do I pay my Security Deposit?After you have formally applied and been approved, we will create your lease agreement. The Security Deposit will be paid in full at lease signing. Please note: the amount of Security Deposits vary from rental to rental AND may depend on whether you have a pet.

When do I receive my keys?The day of your move-in, we will supply you with keys to your rental and in some cases your mailbox. Please note: you must have set up your utilities in advance of your move-in date in order to receive your keys.

How do I set up Utilities?Prior to the day of your move-in, you must setup the required utilities as noted in the lease agreement. If you have any questions as to how to contact utility providers, feel free to call our office for assistance. You will need to provide the utility providers the physical address that you are moving into as well as the date of move-in.